Complex Adaptive Sytems and Feedback Loops
All living things are Complex Adaptive Systems. Thus, their behavior is governed by the reinforcing and counteracting feedback loops of Dynamical Systems. When behaviors act in concert, sustainable creations of great beauty are a natural result.
System Distortions Cause Conflict
When humans hide their true intentions and expectations while engaging in action, dialog, or transactions, they introduce distortions that cascade into potential for violence. Gaps between common objectives and hidden agendas need only one trigger event to spark a crushing of spirit, via sustained violence and destruction.
Root Causes Lead to High-Leverage Points
Unflinchingly discovering the true root cause of conflict and assigning resources to high-leverage points is the only way to sustainably resolve unhealthy conflict. Every other methdod is simply a bandaid.
Coflict ("strike together") Is the Science of Common Sense
Too many conflicts wallow in agendas, stereotyping and scapegoating, and have no way of assigning resources to the most highly-leveraged of those causes. Unsustainability and failure is the predictable result. Coflict, as the Science of Common Sense, fixes those process errors and finds true solutions.