System dynamics is the method of choice for simulating complex systems, gauging the probability of outcomes and suggesting useful decisions over a given time period. In particular, it's been used in advanced military strategy, financial analysis, and targeted marketing

Its adoption rate in the domain of social systems has been slower, for a variety of reasons. One notable advance took place in schools adopting the Guns at School simulation as a workshop in probable outcomes given alternative actions to address "root causes". Others will certainly follow, Coflict's hope being that our community and track record will stimulate its adoption.

Some recent programs in the arena of social and political policy can be seen here and here.

The conjunction of system dynamics with modeling fundamentals and cultural anthropology has delivered efficiency and accuracy enhancements in the form of Complex Adptive Systems Anthropology (CASA), which has its own set of standards and practices feeding into SCD.

The application of CASA as an effective means of deriving universal patterns and tools has been demonstrated in field tests in several countries, but is in process of being codified and elevated to academic acceptance. These tools and patterns remove substantial barriers to more widespread adoption of SCD.