The advocacy section of this site is totally independent in spirit, intent, and execution from the Coflict site proper (all other areas of apart from this area).

It must be emphasized that Coflict is strictly dispassionate and bias-neutral in both theory and application. However, it is based on abductive reasoning skills, structured process, evidence-based patterns, models that are tested and reproducible across multiple socio-cultural domains, and results-based metrics. Thus, when real-world memes and policies conflict with such elements, adherents of Socio-Cultural Dynamics (SCD) and Complex Adaptive Systems Anthropology (CASA) methodology are compelled to passionately advocate for policies that are based on similar foundations.

Advocacy thus implies a different knowledge set and intent than that found in the core Coflict mission, and in fact requires members of the Coflict community to adopt a separate persona or identity in posting and commenting in the Advocacy section.

Advocacy material posted here by Coflict community members will be periodically evaluated for adherence to SCD and CASA principles and metrics. Failing to meet reasonable standards of alignment to these will result in removal of the posts.

Certified community members will be enabled to write original blog entries. Registered Observers who are as yet uncertified will be enabled to create new threads in the advocacy discussion board and comment on blogs entries.