Coflict is designed to be practical for ordinary people. Although founded on proven yet often complex scientific theories, it is not necessary to grasp the theory or perfect the practice to realize its benefits. That's why we call it the "science of common sense". It explains why common people sometimes appear "smarter" than experts, and yet gives common people the power to apply esoteric knowledge otherwise inaccessible to anyone but professionals.

The patterns of action which give the optimal results for any human situation are called "high-leverage points" (HLPs) and are derived from thousands of simulations and condensed into a form that is accessible to anyone of any educational level or position in society.

Coflict is not a replacement for the professions, or for religions, or for personal beliefs. It strives to complement those and offer a results-oriented, unbiased and practical process that reveals universal root contributors (causes) and a process for countering negative contributing causes, thus allowing individuals, families, cohorts, or nations to find the best possible outcomes in the following areas:

  • Behavior (Human Behavior, Cognition, Form and Fashion, Memes and Mores)
  • Competition (Athletics, Non-Athletics, Coaching, Training)
  • Fitness (Physical Fitness, Cognitive Fitness, Emotional and Spiritual Fitness, Health and Nutrition)
  • Learning (Early Education, Higher Education, Training and Apprenticeship)
  • Markets (Economy, Business, International Trade and Markets)
  • Nature (Environment, Discovery and Research, Sustainability, Animology)
  • Relationships (Interpersonal, Family, Upbringing and Parenting, Organizational and Professional)
  • Socio-Political (The Commons, Institutional Socialization, Governance, Security, Legal and Justice, Forceful Conflict, International Relations)