Socio-Cultural Dynamics (SCD) is the application of universal normative patterns to socio-cultural phenomena within system dynamics models to optimize the discovery of high-leverage points for improving the overall "performance" of the system under inspection. The modeling portion of SCD includes the development of the core models that can be applied universally to multiple behavioral system domains with minor customization.

Socio-Cultural Dynamics Modeling combines the following disciplines:

  • System dynamics theory and its intellectual offspring, social dynamics
  • Rigorous modeling practice applied to complex socio-cultural systems
  • Application of universal socio-cultural pattern thesauri to dialog and meta-dialog
  • Applicatiion of universal socio-cultural pattern taxonomies

Each of these disciplines has proven its value in professional domains, although usually within a much narrower perspective. Their combined application to real-world situations of complex socio-cultural systems, however, with accompanying measurement of soft variables, makes SCD unique.