There are six levels of participation within Coflict's Socio-Cultural Dynamics (SCD) methodology. The first level is Acter, one who engages in dialogues, actions, and transactions (DAT) as a participant with some understanding of the methodology as it relates to DAT patterns and processes.

The second level is Observer, one who observes the dialogues, actions, and transactions of other actors within the system without directly participating in the transactions, and using the techniques of cloaking, partitioning, and mapping.

The third level is Analyst, one who understands the taxonomy of socio-cultural dynamics, can apply this to observations of a working system, and measure outcomes of the observed system accurately and coherently.

The fourth-level Modeler role denotes a level of expertise in performing system dynamics simulations as either new models or extensions of existing Coflict SCD models.

The fifth-level Coach role signifies expertise in the previous four levels with the added skill of being able to apply the principles and methods of SCD in real time to people or groups seeking their expertise.

The sixth level of Prescriber is reserved for one who can create new models within a domain, applying parallax experience across disparate domains to select the optimal model for achieving the objectives and outcomes desired by the owners of the domain.

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