Coflict's approach to family mediation relies heavily on a dispassionate, language-neutral, respectful and fair engagement of all "acters" in the "domain" to determine key contributing factors in the dysfunction, to then highlight major opportunities for mitigating those factors, and finally to outline alternatives and suggest an implementation plan. This plan is founded on Socio-Cultural Dynamic (SCD) rules for Dialog-Action-Transaction (DAT) relationship-building, and consists of the following steps:

  1. Meet with the "acters" to explain in layman's terms the background and process of SCD, followed by questions and answers.
  2. After a period of reflection following explanations, get a commitment from all acters in the domain for buy-in to the process; this includes rules for opting out at any time.
  3. Once commitments are received, surveys are conducted for each acter, eliciting key objectives, normative cultural patterns, potential distortions, and areas of synergy.
  4. Survey results are fed into a series of time-based simulations that optimize alternative approaches to resolution.
  5. An implementation plan for each acter and the collective cohort is assigned.
  6. Progress is monitored on a real-time basis throughout the initial time period; adjustments are made and behavioral patterns are reinforced and/or corrected.
  7. Periodic assessment workshops attended by the actors provides feedback to Prescribers for modifying the simulations, program, and boundaries of the engagement.

Progress and ultimate outcomes will be measured as a partnership between the Coflict Coaches and the Acters, based on standards set by SCD methodology.