Coflict provides an independent, professional, and unbiased moderator for any form of negotiation. Unique characteristics of the Socio-Cultural Dynamics (SCD) process ensure that front-loaded assumptions of value and and back-loaded outcomes over time are carefully constructed and simulated such that all parties to the negotiation feel well and fairly served.

Transparency in process and dialog is strictly maintained between Coflict and all parties, with a framework of Dialog-Action-Transaction (DAT) ensuring optimal results for the negotiation. Apart from the more obvious returns to each party in the negotiation, the SCD process exposes important returns based on "soft variables" as well, which are universally overlooked in standard forms of negotiation.

The concept of Net Present Value (NPV) is not only applied to financials, but also to other variables within the boundaries of the negotiation, resulting in simulation that most accurately reflects long-term value for all parties. A social contract is always delivered alongside either an unofficial agreement or an official contract, expressed in clear systems language.

Negotiations can take any form, whether financial, business, trade, relationship agreements, political agreements and treaties, employment, etc., and are all well-served by the SCD process.