WCX AAC TeamHuman Systemics Inc is dedicated to giving people and societies the tools to improve emotional and tangible rewards using the methods of Socio-Cultural Dynamics (SCD) and patterns from Cognition-Dialog/Decision-Action-Interaction (CDAI) anthropology. Its underlying methodology of Human SystemicsTM identifies root causes within sociocultural systems and can help transform unhealthy situations into positive outcomes at any level of interaction.

We use dynamical simulations to optimize that process. Simulations are customized from universal core models developed by SCD methods and use the patterns identified by Complex Adaptive Systems Anthropology (CASA) as raw material for determining characteristics of equilibrium and balance.

Our methodology is unique in its integration of these concepts and their application to real-world problems as normal people experience them. Its constituent concepts are not unique, having been studied and refined over many years in multiple disciplines from Epidemiology to Economics. Some of the fundamental principles can be studied by requesting an excerpt of the book Human Systemics: Getting to the Root Cause of Everything via the Contact form provided in our menu.

Our leadership Program is Second to None!