Working with Word Alive, a non-denominational Christian church in Norwalk, Connecticut, we planned a second program, this time for augmenting their pre-nuptial couples counseling with a set of interactive exercises that would deliver practical approaches to executing on the spiritual guidance. Their senior leaders became stakeholders in defining both the requirements and metrics for expected outcomes. They required a program that would be respectful of their Articles of Faith, yet would augment their pastoral guidance for new or aspiring couples with engaging activities that would enhance their chances for a healthy and sustainable lifetime partnership. Due to the scalable and flexible nature of Coflict programs, we quickly developed a couples workshop that would deliver on their expectations.

Upon approval of the pastoral leaders after reviewing our foundational "games" and moderator documentation, we moved ahead with a workshop with interactive games that allowed the couples to learn the often under-valued basics of communication, trust-building, negotiation, and gender cultural differences. The senior church leaders, as stakeholders, were able to link their spiritual guidance to the processes and methods of Human SystemicsTM and system dynamics, showing that both spiritual and secular realms can be aligned to a common purpose of bringing people together and building harmonious relationships.

This program, in spite of introducing new concepts alien to normal church proceedings, and given its alignment with their Articles of Faith, was deemed a huge success by all but one of the participants, once again validating the ability of Coflict programs and Human SystemicsTM methods to show practical results in building and restoring healthy interactions between people of any background or intent.