Going forward, I’m working with my contacts in Liberia and the US to put these programs on a sustainable footing. In contrast to many other programs, this partnership with Coflict emphasizes its unique ability to discover root causes of human issues before they turn into dysfunction and perform what might be referred to as proactive skills development and preventive mediation. By engaging children, parents, schools and community associations all together in these specialized activities, we hope to build a culture of competence and ethics, both of which are sorely needed in both West Africa and the United States.

Thus, my wish is for benefactors to bless these children with donations of game materials, toys, notebooks, pen/pencils, Lego sets, back packs, clothes/shoes, sanitary/hygienic supplies and monetary donations to help feed and give kids essential needs that their parents cannot give them.

Most children in Liberia today can’t attend school because their parent cannot afford to pay their tuition, which is typically between $100 - $200 per year. Often, it comes down to a cruel decision for a parent to choose between food on the table or making the monthly school payment.

Keeping girls home can also contribute to sexual abuse and girls marrying older men to take care of their family at an early age (often between 12-16 years of age in West Africa). Parents sometimes even encourage their daughters and nieces to find such men to take care of their family. Girl Uplift’s main goal is to help girls in Africa and continue to build their confidence, self-esteem, new skills, situational awareness, nation building mentality and sustainability.

Please find it within yourself to give something to our program for re-building a war-torn Liberia and healing their society-wide PTSD. Most parents can only afford one meal a day which is dinner for everyone to share. I hope Girl Uplift, with your generous support, can give new hope to these girls, boys, and their families.