Our program respected the best of immigrant culture while changing certain aspects that negatively affect our immigrants, families, and national interest. Traditionally, immigrant communities have been exceptional in

  • their perseverance and hard work
  • their sense of community involvement
  • their extended family support
  • their resilience and ability to adapt to difficult circumstances
  • their natural instincts to an entrepreneurial mindset

These practices served immigrants well for decades and distinguished them from other communities that fare poorly in such measures. Casa del Inmigrante maintained certain of these best practices while introducing new scientific approaches to eliminate various negative issues that may be holding them back from even greater success.

Although our program directly addresses the future success of immigrants, the outcome is to increase the success probability of spouses and employees as well. Men and women who understand each other and can work together as confident, trusting partners make each other stronger and happier in many ways.

posters gd3384c31d 640It’s known that 80% of a mentee’s personality development takes place before the age of 8, and by the age of 13, it’s quite predictable as to how many will be on their way to either a life of positive service or a life of continual stress and dysfunction. Thus, society must catch immigrants’ children at early ages to instill proper skills and behaviors that will build their future careers and a nation rather than destroying them. Aspiring mentees are capable and may be eager to learn new and better skills, although older people tend to struggle as they are often fixed in their beliefs. Both old and young are capable of leadership and becoming change agents if approaching these programs with an open mind.

During the Casa del Inmigrante Life and Business Skills program, we introduce strategies and techniques that both young and old mentees and their families can use to guide them into significant life improvements if they so choose.

The three single most significant barriers to building immigrants into such a new, more productive, and satisfying life are simple states of mind, yet extremely difficult to change: 1) the lack of trust and consequent inability to work with each other due to envy and false pride, 2) the gross over-reliance on personal relationships in managing their institutions rather than dedicating their energies to process and competence, and 3) learning how to network with an English-speaking culture with different norms and communication methods.

The Casa del Inmigrante Life and Business Skills program directly addresses these three barriers in order to enhance the futures of immigrant families, using the most modern concepts from science, psychology, and mediation, while integrating the best of traditional cultural practices. The scientific aspects of the program which give it proof of results and make it unique is from an initiative known as Coflict (Latin for “strike together”), which is also a program sponsor. You can read more about us at http://coflict.org. The Human Systemic approach is powerful and unique and requires a willingness to accept new ideas mentees may or may not be familiar with, but which yield sustainable results and practical benefits to both mentees and their colleagues and families. The CEO, Yanahi Roman, and her colleagues will be trained and potentially certified as Human Dynamics specialists in the pursuit of expanding on initial successes.