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F106: Business Structure & Operations

This Course gives entrepreneurs the background of their business structure. It shows how to form your business to know how to file taxes.  In addition to the e-learning unit, you may choose a one-hour support session with an expert either in person or by video remote.


Team-Building and Change Mangement

This is a blended course that combines a kinesthetic (interactive) e-learning component with specialized guidance and support from a team-building expert. We combine best practices from corporate team-building, clinical psychology, game theory, negotiation skills and inter-gender communications to conclusively demonstrate the ability to create and measure true synergy, and to sustain that teamwork over the long run, making every manager's job less stressful and more rewarding.


Business Operations Planning and Fixing

Need help revamping your business or non-profit? Maybe you want to start a new business. In this is a kinesthetic blended e-learning course for groups we're here to help! Our team has over 60 years of experience in building or rethinking your business process. We focus on getting to your bottom line and improving the efficiency of your business. With leading-edge workshops we know we can improve your business and work environment. 


Leadership Workshop

Our leadership program is second to none! Our hands-on and mentally engaging program assures that you'll have more confidence in your skills to be the leader you want to be. Built on powerful concepts of Systems Anthropology and Human Systemics, we help companies facing difficult teamwork environment challenges become successful in communication, develop skills for better job performance, and build self-confidence. Harnessing the collective intelligence and productivity of a group is more powerful than any individual's efforts. We make sure that your team or organization effectively reaches its objectives by creating synergy among your team or employees (yes, synergy can actually be developed and measured, and we show how)