Who Shot the Teacher?

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Who Shot the Teacher?

QUIZ: Where Do 6-year-old Murderers Come From?
  1. Enabling child access to guns
  2. Bad parenting
  3. Bad government policy
  4. Lack of school security
  5. School administrators legally have their hands tied

A six-year old brought a gun to school and shot his teacher in the chest, almost killing her; opinions began to fly. Typically, egged on by the media, everyone had their favorite scapegoat to blame and their favorite agenda to promote. All such conflicts are multi-variate, however, which means multiple causes come together and feed off each other, resulting in violence.

In this case, school administrators had been warned several times about the boy’s dangerous behavior. Ultimately, school administrators fear litigation by parents and lawyers if they take action against youths, leaving teachers without protection. Politicians make laws that are single-factor based on competing agendas, without considering the systemic nature of the problem.

There is little cultural impetus in the US for holding parents responsible for their child’s actions, exacerbating the situation. Human systemics exposes these root causes and clearly demonstrates that a multi-pronged approach to underlying causes is the only solution.

Answer: This issue has multi-variate causes, so each of these answers is a contributor to creating six-year-old murderers. All are partially correct.
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